Lee DongWook

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This week’s Man Crush Monday goes to the very charming and handsome, Lee DongWook. Catch this wonderful actor on Hotel King, and the very entertaining show, Roommate.

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LA Korea Festival Give Away!

zoda|좋다 reviews94

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our very first give away! We’d especially like to thank those who didn’t just stop by our blog to participate but were actually interacting with our site and giving us some very useful feedback.

The winner for our LA Korea Festival Give Away is Amanda Yang! Congratulations!

Remember that, for those of you who are in the LA area and/or are going to the Korea Festival regardless of whether you got concert tickets or not, we are holding an I-Spy game for one extra ticket. The I-Spy game will also be applied to our extra set of tickets that we got because of Ticketmaster’s mistake, which we will hopefully be able to confirm its validity once we are in LA. For this I-Spy game, all you have to do is follow us on Instagram @apopreviews94. We will take a random picture at…

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